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  Portman Online Gallery

Extensive range of original art click here for details.

We are main stockists for artwork produced by the leading UK publishing houses and retail popular limited edition and original art at competive prices. We also purchase artwork directly from artists where we consider the work is appropriate to our overall portfolio. We can deliver world wide and are able to offer online tracking with all deliveries. All UK deliveries over £150 are FREE OF CHARGE. To view our full portfolio including Gary Benfield, Kay Boyce, Paul Horton, Doug Hyde, Alexander Millar, Beryl Cook, Jack Vettriano, and David Shepherd please select 'Artists' or 'Categories' above. If you know the name of the art piece you require then a search facility is available.



Art Update 

John Mould 

I first became aware of Johnís work, as one of the UKís leading wildlife artists, many years ago and recognised his natural talent, mixing with the great names of wildlife art like Alan Hunt, David Shepherd and Peter Scott.


John became aware that tastes had changed and accordingly moved away from his wildlife work to more subtle works. Female figurative and woodland scenes, for which he is equally capable, he still retained his love of wildlife with his domestic cat works which were equally as dramatic as his big cats. His attention to detail and the astonishing use of light and shadow continued to flourish with these pieces and his works proved to be popular with some works being published in print by leading publishing houses.


Johnís intense fascination with wildlife art continues to be dominant and we are pleased to be able to showcase some of his recent works. In my opinion, the works represent a lot more than an animal portrait, they show the all consuming passion that John has for the subject matter and his powerful connection with wildlife in their natural habitat.



Sitting Pretty, acrylic on board, 24" x 18" - Sorry now sold.

Sleeping Beauty, acrylic on board, 18" x 24" - sorry now sold.


Looking After Mum, acrylic on board, 24" x 18" - Available

Please call us if you are interested in original works by John Mould.

Looking To Sell Your Art?

Why not give us a call or email the details of the work you wish to sell. We will quickly respond with a current market valuation and will advise you of the best way to secure the highest price for your art. We have many private clients looking for good quality sold out prints and originals. If you are downsizing or simply want to change your artwork around, we are sure we can help you.


Other Original Artwork

Portman Gallery provide a varied selection of original art as interest continues to grow for this work. We are seeking new artists to compliment our existing portfolio. We have recently acquired original work by Bill Tolley, Govinder Nazran, Caroline Shotton, Graham Carver, Paul Horton, Fabian Perez, David Dipnell, Tony Forrrest, Paul James,  Steve Johnston, Brian Jull, Joel Kirk, Richard Pargeter and John Silver. To enquire on availability and price please give us a call or email. Clients interested in selling artwork can also contact us at the gallery.


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Limited Edition Prints

We continue to stock limited edition prints to include new releases and secondary prints. Below is a list of our main artists and a full listing can be seen by clicking 'Artists' from the menu at the top of this page.

Portman Gallery is the trading name of Portman Fine Art Limited, a company registered in England

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